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About 3,000Ghanaian live in the highest habitation Amedzofe in Volta Region West Africa.Circulate attravtive tourism spots in whole Ghana from Amedzofe

Amedzofe Tourism Office

tourism office, amedzofe,volta region,ghana,westafrica

Amedzofe Tourism Office

Amedzofe has a Tourism office in the center of Amedzofe , close to marketsquare , to satisfy your trip and travel.


Friendly and kindly 2 tour guide stay in tourism office.

They lead you to Mt.Gemi and Ote Fall with thier historical and funny story.


You can get all information about Amezofe,travel,trip, travel sites ,hotel,food,transportation and everything.

In ddition , you can get many craft and Amedzofe goods in tourism office.

tourism office,Amedzofe,volta,Ghana,westafricatourism office,amezofe,volta,ghana,westafrica

Why people come to Amedzofe

Why come to Amedzofe?

People come to Amedzofe to see the majestic Mount Gemi, the splendor of Ote Falls, the amazing views of Lake Volta and the Volta Region valley, the natural cool weather due to the high altitude, and to receive the kindness and hospitality of our people.



We’d love to hear your request!

tourism office, amedzofe,volta region,ghana,westafrica


If you have a problem, please come to tourism office.

We will support you anytime to satisfy your travel.


Check frequently asked questions below.

1.tour guide

We mainly lead you to Mt.Gemi and Ote fall .

If you go to another place, of course we support you.

For example , Wli waterfall,Tafi Atome Monkeysunctuary,Mountain paradaise and so on.



We prepare taxi or bike for you to go anywhere.

Actually Its difficult to get some vehicle in Amedzofe for tourist.

Generally taxi , bus and bike come to Amedzofe as a transportation.

But it is not stable and case of bus it come to Amedzofe only twice in a day.If you want to go anywhere from Amedzofe,please come to tourism office and ask tarnsportation.



Amedzofe has many store but it is difficult to find out for tourist.

If you feel hungry , please ask.Tour guide introduce all food in Amedzofe for you and lead you to the store.

Fufu , Banku , Indomi , fruite , alcohole and so on.

And also you can buy Amedzofe original drink “Chocolate Banana Froozen” in Tourism office.Please cheack!



If you do something in Amedzofe , come and ask.

We provide activities for you to fun.We prepare activities step by step.

You can get new information at tourism office.

For example , Recentlly we provide “traditional cooking experience” “music and talk show” and so on.


5.Place to Stay

If you dont dicide the place to stay, please visit for tourism office.

There are one hotel “Abraerica” and one guest house “Akofa”.

(please check website →Abraerica)

Of course we introduce the place to stay out of Amedzofe.


We are really looking forword to seeing you in Amedzofe Tourism Office.


We will help make your trip to Amedzofe memorable!




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