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About 3,000Ghanaian live in the highest habitation Amedzofe in Volta Region West Africa.Circulate attravtive tourism spots in whole Ghana from Amedzofe


Mount Gemi

Mt.Gemi at Amedzofe village in Volta region in Ghana , West Africa

Mount Gemi (pronounced “geh-mee) is one of the tallest mountains in all of Ghana. As the nearby town of Amedzofe is already very high in altitude, the peak of the mountain is actually a short climb from town. At the very peak of the mountain is a tall cross made of iron erected by German missionaries in 1939.
Attached on the cross is the remnant of a communication antenna used by the Germans during World War II.

Lets go hiking!

About 2000people travel to Amezofe.
Many tourist and visiter come to hike Mt.Gemi as travel sites even if Ghanaians.
Mt.Gemi is popular in Volta region.
When you hike Mt.Gemi , tell the tour guides at tourism office.
They lead you to top of Mount Gemi with histrical and funny story.
You can reach top of Mount gemi by 20minitue on foot.
It is really nice hiking.
We reccomend you get something food in square market or tourism office , banana , water , juice and so on.
If you eat and drink something on top of mount gemi , the view from top of mount gemi make something food more tastyinto your body!

Top of Mount Gemi




You can feel fresh air and see superb view!!
From the top you may be able to see tens of kilometres in every direction.
To the west you will see Volta Lake and Eastern Region of Ghana. To the east you will see the the mountains of the country of Togo.
The best views from Mount Gemi occur from March to October in rainy season.

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