Ote Fall

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Ote Falls (pronounced “oh-tay”)
Ote fall is famous tourism spot as well as Mount Gemi.
You will take a short very steep downward hike to reach the waterfall.
Once you are there, you will feel as if you have your own private waterfall. You may also wade in the small pool at the bottom.

Lets go to see Ote fall


ote fall amedzofe volta ghana

Ote Falls is a 45-minute walk from the town of Amedzofe.

If you go to ote fall you ask tour guides at tourism office.
Theu help you to reach ote fall.
(check tourism office→)

You will pass thorought beautiful trail by 30 minitue.
On this trail you can see many plants and butterflies.
Also you can see staple crop in Ghana , Cassava, rice and so on.

ote fall amedzofe volta ghana westafrica ote fall amedzofe volta ghana westafrica ote fall amedzofe volta ghana westafrica


After trail you have to down a short steep downward steps.
It is like a adventure!
We suggest you should wear shoes or boots.



We reccomend you get something food in square market or tourism office , banana , water , juice and so on.
You can relax to eat and drink in front of ote fall.




your own private waterfall

Ote Fall


You should take off your shoes and close to dive into the fall.
Maybe you feel little bit cold but if you dive into fall , it make you really funny.


The amount of water is different between dry season and rainy season.
It is really defferent appearance depend on season.

ote fall,amedzofe,volta,ghana,westafrica,tourism spot



The best time to visit the waterfall is from May to August.(rainy season)

(Check more picture of Ote fall→)