Abraerica Hotel


Abraerica hotel is only one hotel in Amedzofe village , 10 minutes walk from the center of Amedzofe.
When you enter the Abraerica you can see the Bar has really nice view.You can relax here is well ventilated.

70Rooms in Abraerica

Abraerica has 3types of room.
single room 70GHS
double room 70GHS
Big room (3Double room , living room) 300GHS
You can use toilet and shower , but it is impossible to use running water in Amedzofe village.
Unfortunatery, Abraerica doesnt have wi-fi spot.
If you want use wi-fi , you should rent wi-fi router in Amedzofe Tourism office.

Abraerica’s Bar counter

Abraerica prepares some food and drink.


They have soft drink like “Alvaro” most popular juice in Ghana , coke and so on.
Of course they have many types of alcohole like “star beer” and “club beer” most popular beer in Ghana, Zima , Smirnoff , Jin , coketail and so on.


Needless to say you can eat Ghanaians traditional food like Banku , Fufu and also rice , salada, bread , fruits and so on.
You will be able to eat “Tirapia fish” is famous in Volta region because of closed to Volta lake.
I reccomend you to eat delicious Fryed Tirapia!!
Sometimes there is music event on the weekend.
During event you can listen Hi-life Ghanaians popular music and Hip-life throught Dj’s good tune with huge speaker.
It’s an affordable price in Abraerica isnt it?