tafi-atome monkey sanctuary,volta,ghana


Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary is not only one of most favorite tourism spot in Volta region but also in whole Ghana.


You can play with lovely monkey and spend funny time in wildlife and nature in volta region.


Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary


It is thought that about 200 years ago when the ancestors of current inhabitants of Tafi Atome arrived at the village, the monkeys were believed to be messengers of the gods and their protectors.

However, when Christianity became the main religion in the 1980’s, the villagers lost their reverence for the animals. To protect the monkeys and the forest they live in this Sanctuary was created in 1993 by a coalition of villagers , public institutions and NGO.


Tafi Atome Visitor center is created at that time.

When you reach Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary , you visit this visitor center first.

You can get many information as activity to enjoy monkey sanctuary.

Of couse you can play with monkey , in addition , for example , feeding , walking tour around village , mountain biking.

Visitors also have the opportunity to see the daily activities of local people through cultural village tour, and partake in activities such as kente weaving palm oil production or fufu pounding and so on.

tafi-atome monkey sanctuary,volta,ghana tafi-atome monkey sanctuary,volta,ghana


There are many tourist in Monkey sanctuary , from Accra with bus tour , private tourist , local Ghanaians visitors etc.


In my case, I feeded banana to monkey. At that time a few monkey jump up to my shoulder and eat banana quickly and wildly so I was little bit afraid but really funny and lovely monkey. You should try once!

After playing with monkey you have to wash your hand very well.


〈Entrance Fee〉

Ghanaians: adult6GHS student/volunteer4GHS

Non Ghanaians: adult10GHS student/volunteer 3GHS





Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary is located 45min far away by car from Hohoe.

There are 2 way to get visitor center from Hohoe , one is taking trotro to Logba Alakpeti , another one is route taxi.


There are many trotro from big city like Kumasi , Ho to Hohoe.

It takes 5 hours from Accra to Hohoe. Trotro is also available from Ho it takes 1and half hours.




Mainly, When tourists visit Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary , they stay at Guest House closed monkey sanctuary , it costs around 35GHS per a person for one night. Another way is to stay at Hohoe. Hohoe has many accommodation.


If you need more information about accommodation , you should access to trip adviser.