International Stingless Bee Centre

International Stingless Bee Centre,tourism,ghana


The international Stingless Bee Center is a sanctuary for stingless bees and a place of environment education.

The bees naturally do not sting because their abdomens do not have a stinger. There are several attractions which include: a stingless bee tour , the bee walk way in a secondary forest with bamboo theatre halls , and the tropical pollination garden.


〈Entrance fee〉

Adult:5GHS Others:2GHS


〈time to visit〉

througout the year

Monday – Saturday 9am- 4pm


〈Web site〉



-Stingless Bee Tour


A tour is given to visitors where they can see the stingless bees that are at the Centre. You can get information about stingless bees and how their hives are maintained. In addition visitors are informed on the role of stingless bees in food production , primary health care, biodiversity conservation , and climate change.


The center provides training and workshops for interested farmers , beekeepers , agricultural extension agents , students , researchers and general public.

International Stingless Bee Centre,tourism,ghana

International Stingless Bee Centre,tourism,ghana©

-training walkway


The training walkway provides an opportunity to trail the tropical forest where you can learn about different types of trees and the role the bees play in maintaining the forest. The serene bambootheatre halls on the walkway are excellent places you can relax.


-Tropical Pollination Garden


The garden contains various tropical food plants found in Ghana, where people can learn about their pollination and how to grow.





From Accra you get a bus at the Kaneshie – Cape Coast Station.Once you would get a bus going to Twifo – Praso at Kotokroaba Station.Tell the mate that you want to alight at Abrafo. On the opposite side of the Methodist Church turn right. You will walk about 15min to the ISBC which will be on your left with a big yellow sign.





Day trip is usual for tourist.

Nearby accommodation can be found at The Rainforest Lodge 1km and Hans Cottage Botel around 30km away.



International Stingless Bee Centre,tourism,ghana©