Monkey Forest Resort


monkey forest sanctuary,central,ghana,westafrica


There are a few monkey sanctuary in Ghana as tourism spot. This monkey sanctuary is close to Kakum National Park. This is 42 acres of land and is home to different animal and monkey species.


Visitors are guaranteed a friendly welcome at the relatively tame animals and their Dutch breeders in this eco friendly environment.


You can get up close and personal with over 50 local animal species which include: white spot nosed and patos monkeys , rare white antelopes , birds , turtles , glasscutters , porcupines , Civet cat , Nile crocodiles , alligators , snakes and many others.


〈Entrance fee〉

Donation : 12GHS(including animal feed and operational cost)


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A knowledgeable tour guide will lead you through sanctuary where you can see all inhabitants of this enclosure. In addition , the Sanctuary offers panoramic views of the surrounding forests on its hills top terrace where drinks are served and nestled within a huge rock formation are land and river tortoises.


This sanctuary has “Mrs Doolittle Snack Bar” offering drinks , sandwiches and Dutch specialties.


monkey forest sanctuary,central,ghana,westafrica©


It is located 4.5km far away from Kakum National Park.

You can take taxi and trotro from Pedu Junction at Cape Coast.


The intercity STC and Metro Mass Transit(Bus) coaches ply the route from Accra to Cape Coast and Takoradi.

Also you can reach Cape Coast from Accra by trotro.


It takes approximately 3hours to drive the 165km journey from Accra through Winneba.

monkey forest resort,central,ghana,westafrica©



Almost visitors move to another city for staying.

Normally , visitors back to Cape Coast or other cities to stay for next travel.