Mole National Park

Africa is famous of Safari , especially East Africa.

Visitors enjoy safari in Ghana likewise.


Mole national park is the largest and most developed protected area in whole Ghana as safari spot , located in the West Gonja District and situated mainly in the Northern Region. Presently the 4577sqkm Park is state-owned and managed by the Wildlife Division.

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The parks vegetation of wooded Guinea Savannah is home to a large variety of wildlife including mammals , reptiles , birds and plants. There are over 90 mammalian species , 33 reptiles , 9 amphibians and an estimated 300bird species.


The mammals include some 500 elephants , 2,000roan antelopes , 3,000 hartebeests , 3,000waterbucks , 2,000 buffaloes , 3,000wawter hogs ,servals , genets , civets cats ,caracals , honey badgers , several species of mongoose and aardvarks. Small number of leopards , hyenas and various primates can also be seen in Mole National Park.

mole national park,northern region,ghana,westafrica©

mole national park,northern region,ghana,westafrica

mole national park,northern region,ghana,westafrica


mole national park,northern region,ghana,westafrica©

mole national park,northern region,ghana,westafrica©

There are also 7 lizard species , 5 snake species and crocodile. The Nile Crocodile is common in the dams near the Motel and in the rivers , the slender snouted crocodile.


The Kulpawn River is home to a healthy population of Hippo’s found along the northern boundary of the Park.



Mole also offers a premium site for bird watching.

There are over 335 identified bird species , mostly resident , which include those of woodland savannah , riparian or gallery forest and migrants for example egrets , flycatchers , eagles and waterfowls.




-Guided Walk


Visitors can enjoy a close and personal encounter with the mammals that this area by going on guided foot safaris with armed guides.


Visitors can decide on the direction and duration of their foot safari in consultation with one of the guides.


A map costing 3GHS can be obtained at the information center showing possible routes , distances and places of interest.

It is very useful to help for your walking. It is recommended that visitors bring along robust hiking boots.


Guided foot safari’s can either start from the Information Center or you can choose to be taken by vehicle before proceeding on foot.


The walking guided tour start at 7am and 4am.

Be advised that some parts of park may be inaccessible during raining season. As a rule of thumb , count on covering an average of 3-4 km per hour when walking.



-Game Viewing Drives


Visitors with transport of their own can make use of the 600km of road networks for game viewing. Alternatively visitors can hire a 4×4 vehicle from the Park at a cost of 50GHS per hour from Safari Rentals. An armed official guide must accompany all vehicles traversing within the Park.


-Game Viewing hides and platforms


Other visitor activities organized by Park officials include ; nocturnal game viewing from the Big Salt Lick Tree Hide and bird watching at Haraba Pool. The double-storey Tree Hide at Salt Lick, approximately 2km from Mole Motel , provides a good viewing platform especially at dawn and later in the evenings.


Visitors can take a guided walk to the Tree Hide ,or reach it by car along the Samole Loop.


For the brave and patient visitor , a night in the tree hide is an adventure not to be missed ; especially on a clear night with good moonlight.


Another view platform near the Haraba Pool along the Asibey Loop is ideal for bird watchers especially during the rainy season.




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Mole National Park is located around 170km west of Tamale.



You can hire a taxi from the main taxi rank in Tamale to Mole Park for around 300GHS for a one way journey.

The way to Mole is a rough dirt road and it will take 2 hour journey from the junction to the Park.


You will also have to consider how you will journey back to Tamale given that there is no taxi terminal at the Park.


A more considerable journey is recommended by a hire car.



-Hire car


The best way to travel and explore the Northern Region especially Mole National Park due to accessibility and the many uneven roads.


A car and driver can be organized through most hotels in the region. The standard charge per day is 200GHS , include fuel ,for around 8 hours driving time per day.

(depending on distance , budget for approximately an additional around150GHS per a day for fuel)

In addition , visitor will have to pay the accommodation fee s for the driver.


If hire a car , visitor explore many attractions in Northern Region such as Paga Crocodile Ponds , Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary or the painted buildings and artists at Sirigu.


If you book hire car before going to Mole Park , contact below safe and reliable drivers.


Mr Kwame Amponsah Tel:+233 020 0232 319

Mr Mohammed Tel:+233 024 0244 900

Mr Fatou Tel:+233 024 6409 789



-Metro Mass Buses


This is one of the cheapest routes to the Park , price range from 4-10GHS.


There are two scheduled buses a day to Mole Park,they all get very full and unfortunately unlike the Intercity STC , there are no advanced tickets.


We recommend you get to the Metro Mass Bus Terminal located at Aboabo , adjacent to the Timber Market early (2 hour prior to the schedule departure time) to purchase your tickets and call the land line to confirm times and prices on TEL:+233(0)24 479 1067


1.Tamale to Wa

Departing from the terminal between 4am-5am tickets are priced at 10GHS.


Visitors have the option of dropping off at Damanago and then continue the journey to Mole by taxi for around 30GHS.


Alternatively you can alight at Larabanga and journey by taxi to the entrance of Mole Park for around 10GHS.


2.Tamale to Mole

The bus departs from the terminal at 4:30pm ,however reporting time is 1:30pm when visitors should purchase tickets priced at 5GHS.


It is possible to leave the bus garage after buying tickets to have lunch or take in the sights before heading back in time for the departure time.


This is the last bus of the day and will take you direct to Mole Park.





Mole Motel has 33bed rooms which has a swimming pool and serves as the central point for meeting other visitors and sharing tales over cold drinks and snacks.

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Motel has panoramic views of the reserve and two elephant baths.


Also the Motel has restaurant , with limited variety of choice , and bar , relatively well stocked with plenty of local beers but limited in spirits.


There is also a campsite for those with their own equipment.

mole national park,northern region,ghana,westafrica©


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