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About 3,000Ghanaian live in the highest habitation Amedzofe in Volta Region West Africa.Circulate attravtive tourism spots in whole Ghana from Amedzofe

Mt Afadjato

Mountain Afadjato

moutain afadjato,volta,ghana,westafrica

Mount Afadjato is the highest mountain in Ghana, at an altitude of 885m(2,905ft). The mountain is located in the Agmatsa Range and runs along the Ghana-Togo border near the village of Liati Wote and Gbledi.


Mount Afadjato on a clear day offers views of the neighboring villages , the Tagbo waterfalls and the Volta Lake. From the peak , visitors can enjoy fantastic panoramic views of surrounding villages , forests , mountains , valleys and Volta Lake which are all visible from the summit.

moutain afadjato,volta,ghana,westafrica


Afadjato is covered with tropical forests , and has a varied range of flora and fauna. Over 300 species of butterflies and 33 species of mammals have been recorded.


Mona and spot-nosed monkeys are also seen regularly.


Also in Gbledi is mount Aduadu , the peak is not considered to be the highest mountain because it is located on top of another mountain. Apart from the mountain range , there are chalk caves at Hekpome on the Gbledi-Chebi side of the Agumatsa Range.

moutain afadjato,volta,ghana,westafrica



-hike to Mount Afadjato

moutain afadjato,volta,ghana,westafrica moutain afadjato,volta,ghana,westafrica

Almost visitors are interested in hiking to the top of Mount Afadjato.

moutain afadjato,volta,ghana,westafrica

When you reach this village , you have to visit tourism office first.

moutain afadjato,volta,ghana,westafrica

You should pay entrance fee for hiking , get some information about mountain  at this tourism office.

moutain afadjato,volta,ghana,westafrica

From the base to the top , it takes 1 and half hours for hiking through unstable hiking way. You should wear boats or shoes.

Unbelievably , Ghanaians climb up with out shoes.

moutain afadjato,volta,ghana,westafrica

From the top of mount Afadjato you can enjoy panoramic view.

moutain afadjato,volta,ghana,westafrica

-hike to Tagbo Falls


You can enjoy Tagbo Falls also.


The Tagbo waterfall is an easy hike through coffee , cocoa fields and untouched forests. There are many opportunities for exploring and observing plant life and butterflies. The waterfall flows from an almost circular cliff formation with lush vegetation climbing the sides.


A hike to its peak will take around 50 minutes.


At the bottom of the falls , there is a pleasant pool which is perfect for swimming in the dry season , but potentially dangerous in the rainy season.



A number of people choose to spend a few hours relaxing there for eating something food and drink they bring.

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Almost tourist visit this place using taxi from Hohoe.


First , you get to Hohoe.

There are many trotro or bus to Hohoe from main city of each region.


Then you take taxi to Afadjato from Hohoe , it takes 50minutes and costs 80GHS for a taxi.


In this village , it is difficult to get taxi to back to Hohoe or move another area , it is better way to hire taxi for leaving from Afadjato. You should negotiate about that to taxi driver , you can keep taxi in front of tourism center.






Normally , almost visitors back to Hohoe for accommodation.

Hohoe has many accommodation likewise.

moutain afadjato,volta,ghana,westafrica




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