Wli Falls

Wli fall is most popular tourism spot in Ghana , is known as the largest water fall in West Africa.

wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica

Wli fall is located close to boarder between Ghana and Togo , covering an area of 35 square Km.This area has 220 birds , 400butterfly species , fruit bats , monkey and number of antelopes.


More than 20,000 visitors travel to Wli fall in a year.


This water fall , which consists of 2 parts , the lower fall and the upper fall is astimated to be an 600m drop from the top and is one of the perennial falls in Ghana.


When you reach the Wli Agumatsa , visit to the tourism center at entrance to pay entrance fee and get some information about Wli.

Also the tour guide leads you to Wli fall together through introduction of this area  on the way to Wli fall.

wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica

〈Entrance Fee〉

Lower Fall

Ghanaians :          5GHS

Non-Ghanaians:   10GHS


Both the lower and the upper

Ghanaians :          6GHS

Non-Ghanaians:   35GHS

wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica




-the lower fall


The lower fall is easer to reach than the upper fall.

wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica

To get to the base of the lower fall from Wli tourism center , one has to hike for 40 minutes on a tree lined path , which crosses the meandering Agumatsa River nine times on locally made log bridges.


The lower fall is astimated to be 50m high.


You will be able to spot the hundreds of straw-coloured bats that nest on the adjacent cliffs next to the waterfall.The plunge pool of the fall is also safe for swimming and it is recomended that you take along your swimming gear.


On the weekedn many visitor come to this place for swimming and enjoying.


In addition,you can stay at base of the fall using camping site and enjoy Bonfire as well.

wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica

-the upper fall

wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica

The upper fall is 1 and half hour away from the lower fall.

To the base of the upper fall , visitor have to hike through hiking way like adventure.It is not easy but if you reach the upper fall , you can feel so nice because nobody is there , you can enjoy water fall freely and see superb view.Of course you can swim in the upper fall.


Some tourist bring camping site for camppimg beside the upper fall.

Also it is possible for bon fire.

wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica



Camping is provided for tourist at the water falls.

You can camping at base of both water fall.


Of course you can bring own tent and matrices  , also tent and matrices will be provided by tourism center at this village.


If you want to saty in tent as camping , you should ask tour guide at tourism office.It is better to discuss about when travel Wli and how to manage food and drink something like that.





Bonfire is provided in front of the falls.

Also You can enjoy drumming and Dancing around the fire.


Bonfire is enjoyable at night time , you should stay at lodge or hotel in Wli Agumatsa or camping site.


Also if you want to join this program , you should ask tour guide at tourism office.



wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica

There are some crafts shop around tourism center , arts , clothes , drinks something like that.


You can enjoy shopping after hiking.

wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica





This village is located in the Hohoe district of the volta region on the TogoBuem Ranges.


First , you get to Hohoe.

There are many trotro or bus to Hohoe from main city of each region.


If you reach Hohoe , you should take dropping taxi from Hohoe to Wli water fall.It takes 40minutes to get there and costs around 80GHS.


In this village , it is difficult to get taxi to back to Hohoe or move another area , it is better way to hire taxi for leaving from Wli.You should negosiate about that to taxi driver , you keep taxi in front of tourism center.






Wli Agumatsa has some accommodation.

You can spend memorial time in there.



Some tourist back to Hohoe and stay there.

Hohoe has many accommodation likewise.

wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica wli falls,volta,ghana,westafrica