This story is about history of Amedzofe written by Daniel Kafui Agbesi who is working as tour guide in Amedzofe vilage.
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This is the seventh part of long term column.
Enjoy and know about Amedzofe village very well.
The one in the palanquin is then taken to a secret place for one or two rituals before coming down and later led to the Dauber ground also.
The Christians then start by praying and after the traditionalist pour libation to the smaller gods by mentioning their names.
After Vane, which is the last town from Ho when getting into the town, you will see from the start two divided roads with one leading to the teachers training college and the other to the town itself.
You will again notice that the one leading to the market direction also at somewhere divides into two and the right one also divides somewhere.
So, in short, there are about three roads that leads to the market direction.
The one at the left side when entering into the town is for the traditionalists and the other two at the right are for Christians.
When a Christian dies, the left road under no circumstances should ever be used in bringing the corpse (dead person) into the town.
When it accidentally happened, there must be the pouring of libation in other to appease the land.
The same applies to the traditionalist.
They must never also use the Christian lanes.
During the burying of a traditionalist, the dead in the coffin must be moved to the market direction and turned around three times which is a right before finally taken the dead to the cemetery for the final rights. The market itself consists of three shades and two trees with an addition one being a little downward the market square.
When the wind blows on any of the trees and it falls, nobody must touch any of its br
anches as to even think of cutting them to set fire with.
There must always be the pouring of libation by the traditionalists and sheep slaughtered before the fallen tree could be touched or cut into pieces.
Before the tree will be replanted on the spot there must again be the pouring of libation and several gun shots into the air as tradition demands.
A branch from another tree out of the same species is used.
The trees have stone seats under them and no woman born out of human is allowed to sit on any of them for it will be an abomination.
It is believed that when you are in your menstruation and seat on any of the stone seats your menstruation seizes immediately.
The traditional road is where the Asafo drums sacred ground is located.
Normally as they decided to play this drum, the youths queue themselves with the first three carrying pots of palm-wine with strange leaves around the neck of the pots.
The same way when old drums are to be replaced with new one’s, the queue formed by some traditional youths moves from the direction of the football pitch and headed towards the market direction and then to the sacred ground with a whole lot of war songs.
As they get there, they formed a circle and sing more of the war songs before finally the leader assist those carrying the pots in bringing it down.
Finally as they sing the last song, the leader then beat the biggest among the drums hardly follow by a heavy noise made by the youths and concern elderly.
They drink the palm wine in one of the pots together and then reserve the rest for the evening when the drums will be played.
Two men in the group proceed on to the market and as one beats the hollow metal, the other carry a bowl asking the sellers to contribute some of their items to them which they will use to cook in the evening before the drums will be beaten.  In the evening, the youths again move to the sacred ground and then enjoy the cooked yams together.
No one is supposed to wear his sandals into the sacred ground.
They then proceed on with the beating of the Asafo for about one or more hours before finally the proceedings ends.
Tradition always plays its role in a cool manner.
Come to Amedzofe where the sky is the limit and then see for yourself this realities as well as myself for an interesting conversation.