In Amedzofe , they have own local language insted of English , it is first language in this community Avatime. Also they can speak Ewe language as second language and English.
The Avatime language , also known as Avatime , Sedime or Siya is a Kwa language and spoken by the natives of all the seven towns and villages in the traditional area.The language family of the Avatime  includes Niger-Congo , Atlantic-Congo,Kwa-Logba,Ka-Togo,Avatime-Nyangbo. It can be reffered to as Ke-dane-ma Siyase(the language of the people of Avatime). Ke-dane is the local name for the people of Avatime. It must , however , be noted that Ewe is the language of the wider area and therefore , it is used as the language of instruction and in church serveces. Most Avatime people , therefore , speak Ewe as their second language.
Source:The first ever Avatime community magazine “MONEMI’E”