Okusie Akyemfoli V , chief of Amedzofe , is known in private life as Emmanuel Galevo K.Atikpui. He was born on 1st January , 1957 to Rev.A.R.Atikpui and Mrs.Rosalina Atikpui all of blessed memory.
He started his basic of elementary at Winneba Elementary School. He went on to Winneba Senior High School 1970 , then to Wesley Teacher College , Kumasi in 1977 and University of Education in 2004. He is a professional Educationist , Guidance and Counselling Coordinator at Ghana Education Service(GES). Okusie Akyemfoli V’s interest is the development and transformation of Amedzofe into a vibrant economic community through the generation if employment by investing in the Eco Touristic potential and the rich culture of the area.