Amedzofe Cosmetic Bags

We have provided “Amedzofe Cosmetic Bags” at Tourism center by local tailor as original souvenir , made from african fabric and african traditional beads.


amedzofe , souvenior , mt gemi , ote falls


Actually before providing this bags we don’t have any paticular souvenirs made by local community even Amedzofe is known as tourism site in Ghana.

Looking at whole Ghana , there are almost similar design and types of souvenir we can buy at every tourism site in Ghana .We are thinking if we provide original product as souvenir is that also nice promotion as tourism destination?
In additon we have been considering that community should make original product to improve community income.


From this kinds of background , we set 2 concepts.
1.start providing original souveniors made by community
2.provide high quality and original souvenir


Fortunately , Japanese volunteer was working as teacher of sowing in Ho , then invited the volunteer for teaching sowing skill to our comunity.
She had taught us how to sow nicely , beautifully and initiate to make original shapes of bags as well.


amedzofe , souvenior , mt gemi , ote falls


This beautiful bags are sold at Amedzofe Tourism Center with 20GHS.

If you visit Amedzofe you should look in these products.
You must be feeling interesting.


amedzofe , souvenior , mt gemi , ote falls