Axim Beach

This beach resort is really beautiful.
Axim Beach resort is a beautifully well presented beach resort providing a variety of accommodation and activities to suit individuals , couples , families and groups.The hotel does offer discounts to tour operators , NGO , volunteer and guests staying for long priod.
axim_beach_resort_westernregion_ghanatravel axim_beach_resort_westernregion_ghanatravel
Facilities and services are also nice , include a beach front bar and restaurant , beach activities such as volleyball , soccer and surfing , beach equipment is also available to hire.
The resort organaises a range of activities such as beach party , barbecues , beach bonfire , traditional druming and fireworks.
In addition, you can join observing migranting whales and taking part in their turtle conservation progrum.
Lou Moon Lodge is also famous for high class hotel.
This beautifully presented beach resort sits in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings.


From Takoradi , you just take trotro to Axim , you get off last station , then take taxi by 10min.