1.Baobab Guesthouse(Cape Coast)

This guesthouse is well known as provide specialises in vegetarian meals. All dishes are prepared using either Moringa , red rice and or whole wheat flour.Folling country people often visit this guesthouse.
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2.One-African Holistic Guesthouse and resort(Elmina)

The museum attatched in this guesthouse.
This museum offers visitors a chance to learn about untold historical events relating to the African continent as well as enjoy a selecion of poetry by histrical figures.
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3.Oasis Beach Resort(Cape Coast)

Located adjacent to Victoria Park and 40meters from Cape Coast Castle.This hotel has night club which brings R&B , Reggae and Hiplife music.Of course foods are served as Ghanaian foods and continental foods.This hotel is popular with Students or volunteers.
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4.Sun Flower Beach Resort

This resort is located 2 hours drive away from Accra.
You can enjoy long beach line in quiet and private atmosphere.
Foods are delicious in cheap price.